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Abbreviations and grading.

Mint stamps: Assume all 19th and early 20th Century stamps to have hinge remnants unless other wise stated. Assume later issues are lightly hinged unless otherwise stated.

Used stamps: Grading takes into account centering and the position, clarity and type of cancel. Out of the ordinary town cancels are noted. Also 19th Century issues are graded according to what is considered normal for that issue. Any flaws such as thins, creases, scuffs and missing perfs. are noted.

cds.; circular date stamp.
dcds; double ring date stamp.
TRD; Temporary Rubber Stamp (usually oval)

inv.; inverted
wmk.; watermark

U; Used
M; Mint, all mint stamps are hinged unless marked NH.
NH; never hinged NG; no gum.
OG; original gum.
LH; lightly hinged.
HR; Hinge Remnant, (piece of an old hinge remains stuck to the back).
SS; slightly stained

Sc; Scott
SG; Stanley Gibbons
BH; Barefoot & Hall
HG; Higgins & Gage


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Below is shown a typical stamp listing. The first number is the Stanley Gibbons catalogue number, this is followed by the Scott number. The U refers to Used, M would indicate the stamp is mint. There follows a brief description followed by a grade and finally a stock code in brackets.

SG155c / Sc110 U Block 1/- red/grey KGVI def. in block of 6, VFU (sbah15)

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