The stock market crashed. How long will it last?

The COVID-19 virus, named "Coronavirus" after the deadly coelacanth that infects humans, destroyed the economy and business processes. The coronavirus has devastated the global economy and business community. Millions of companies were negatively affected by the crisis caused by the pandemic. In America, "it was common to see 35-40 million people lose their jobs. In Britain, it was eight million people." So, how long will the economy and business processes last? That's what you're worried about, aren't we? The longer we wait, the worse it will get for all of us. And if by "horror" you mean the COVID-19 virus, then you should prepare for the worst. In this article, we will talk about how an entrepreneur can "prepare for the worst" and find financial support.Supply chain and supply chain disruptions This is an unavoidable problem that inevitably confronts all entrepreneurs. After the introduction of the self-isolation regime, large numbers of people began to urgently look for work. After a while, the situation will return to normal. But that's never predictable. How to make money on your own: 1) in a crisis, it is very easy to take orders. After all, the state will support the oligopolies that are the ones that are the biggest and best. 2) in a crisis, it is much harder to find unemployed people than it was before the introduction of self-isolation regimes. Now you have to earn money on your own. And you have only one source of income — state subsidies. 3) in a crisis, it is very easy to take money from the state.Now the only way to earn money in the current situation is to take orders online.And there are not enough of them.So people who are once again looking for work, go to the sites and finders for the help of your company. state employees or volunteers from the Red Crescent.4) in a crisis, it is very difficult to find new customers for your own unprofitable online income.You can stay unemployed for a long time. And if you are a state employee, you will be fired.5) in a crisis, it is very difficult to change the spending patterns of your personal income. You can stay at home, or you can drastically reduce the amount of spending on your personal income.6) in a crisis, it is very difficult to change the structure of your personal income.In the current circumstances, it is more effective to make investments. Therefore, I recommend that you take a closer look at the tips I have given you. And try them yourself. 7) in a crisis, it is very easy to overpay for something that you have already bought