5 signs that you're going to run into money problems soon (and 3 tips to fix the situation)

In our country, it is not customary to discuss your money Affairs "in public". We don't like the rich or the overeating bourgeoisie:Such a negative attitude towards the wealthy has its roots in the darkest period of history — before the introduction of the Great depression in 1929. So, even as a young person, you were expected to live "as if" today. And even "in your parents ' old clothes".But if you do not change your "relationship" with money, you will face the financial abyss with ease. In this article, we will talk about the three most common signs that you're going to run into money problems soon: 1) You are still young, but you're already there you can't get out of the situation We must remember that the average lifespan of a person in the Soviet Union was only ten years. And even then, life went according to the most ordinary plans. In other words, life was not boring — but for some reason, some unspeakable reason, life does not give us the opportunity to change the current situation with a completely new mindset. Maybe it's time to develop a "weapon" to help you outsmart the financial crisis Your life directly depends on your ability to make decisions for yourself. Today, the size of your income, the speed at which you are making money, and the effectiveness of your habits (including your financial literacy and ability to handle money correctly) all depend on your answer to this question. What should I do to improve my financial situation?If you still don't have a lot of free money, then it's time to take active action!If you still can't afford to buy a new car or an apartment, then it's time to look for a feasible part-time job.If you still can't afford to make savings, then start a piggy Bank. In this way, you will be able to save a good amount without making serious efforts to do so. the effort.2) you are not yet rich, but you are close to it Money can be earned on a number of different sources.This includes:increasing your income (this requires a new attitude to money, especially in our country, which no longer recognizes the value of the salary earned);investing and multiplying your money (from investing, 1-2 times a month);portfolio income (which includes the income from index funds, rental properties, and business properties).All this requires you to have an extremely competent financial plan and active management skills.3) you don't have time for a "shopping List".If you still lack enough money to fully support your family, then set aside time for this in your schedule.Alternatively, find a feasible part-time job in the evenings, on weekends, or